Matrinity Care

In today's busy times, everyone manages to stay busy with their own work, leaving mothers and children unattended for their needs like rest and care. Many suffer from such problems, as inexperienced employees may not be able to properly care for mothers and children while working. Recognizing such issues, Home Care Nepal offers solutions by providing experienced employees who can address all related problems with mothers and children. Therefore, when customers understand the need to deal with such problems, Home Care Nepal stands ready to provide easy solutions. Home Care Nepal provides answers to the question of why you should choose it through the services it offers.





  • बच्चा र आमा दुबैको लुगा धुने र लुगाको व्यवस्थापन गर्ने
  • बच्चा र आमा दुबैलाई खाना खाजा खुवाउने
  • सुत्केरी महिला र बच्चालाई तेल लगाउने, आगो तथा घाममा सेकाउने
  • सुत्केरी महिला र बच्चालाई नुहाइदिने
  • शल्यक्रिया गरेको सुत्केरी र बच्चा भए,तय भएको समय अनुसार औषधी खुवाउने
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उपलब्ध प्याकेजहरू

रू. 17,300/-
रू. 14,500/-
Matrinity Care
  • For 3 Months 20% Pre-Booking
  • For 6 Months 17% Pre-Booking
  • For 12 Months 12% Pre-Booking
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