People are involved in their daily tasks in this hectic world, due to which the care of older family members at home has become very difficult. When students work hard for their studies, parents remain busy with monetary responsibilities, and many individuals relentlessly pursue opportunities abroad, the care of aging members is often ignored. Home Care Nepal identifies this as a common problem and takes up the responsibility to provide support and assistance for elderly members within households. Our diligent staff provides access to meaningful solutions to meet the distinct needs of senior family members with dignity, comfort, and safety amidst busy schedules.


We recognize the need to solve these problems at Home Care Nepal as quickly as possible. Our services are practical solutions to allow the families to manage their responsibilities and, at the same time, ensure that their elderly members remain healthy and happy. Our professional and compassionate team hopes to make a real difference in the lives of seniors and their families by providing peace of mind and quality care when it matters most.


  • बुढाबुढी तथा बृद्धवृद्धालाई समयअनुसार खानेकुरा खुवाउने
  • तेल लगाइदिने,नुहाइदिने र अन्य सरसफाई गरिदिने ।
  • समय समयमा औषधि दिने ।
  • लुगा धुने र लुगाको व्यवस्थापन गरिदिने।
  • घरको अन्य सरसफाई गरिदिने।
  • वृद्धवृद्धाको कोठा सफा गर्ने
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उपलब्ध प्याकेजहरू

रू. 26,000/-
रू. 20,000/-
  • For 3 Months 20% Pre-Booking
  • For 6 Months 17% Pre-Booking
  • For 12 Months 12% Pre-Booking
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