In today's busy world, with all family members occupied with external commitments, household chores like cleaning, cooking, dishwashing, and kitchen maintenance are often overlooked, leaving little time for these tasks. Many people rely on hired help to support with these responsibilities. Keeping this in mind, Home Care Nepal is committed to providing convenient solutions for all household needs, ensuring that help is available when required. Home Care Nepal demonstrates why it should be your top choice through the range of services it offers.

  • घरको कम्पाउन्ड सफा गर्ने
  • कोठाहरु सफा गर्ने
  • भर्याङ ,छत, कौसी सफा गर्ने
  • लुगा धुने र लुगाको व्यवस्थापन गर्ने
  • ट्वाइलेट र बाथरूम सफा गर्ने
  • भान्सा सफा गर्ने
  • खाना वनाउने
  • खाजा वनाउने
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उपलब्ध प्याकेजहरू

रू. 17,300/-
रू. 14,500/-
  • For 3 Months 20% Pre-Booking
  • For 6 Months 17% Pre-Booking
  • For 12 Months 12% Pre-Booking
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