Child Care

The modern world is too busy, and everybody is overwhelmed with their duties. Taking care of a young kid at home can be a bit burdensome, be it a student involved in studies, parents busy working and looking after the family's financial obligations, or young ones studying abroad in search of a job. In such a scenario, the availability of proper and reliable child care has become an essential requirement. Home Care Nepal acknowledges this critical need and provides maternity care that relieves all family burdens.


Our maternity care service offers readily available staff to respond to the childcare challenges in a timely and effective manner. With our keen team, we have easy solutions for each family. We are also on duty for relief from everyday tasks and provide caring services for the comfort of parents and children. Home Care Nepal's pursuit for excellence and affordability makes it an ideal place for families looking forward to reliable childcare support.


Choose Home Care Nepal to provide your family with comprehensive maternity care solutions that cater to your family's needs without any hassle. Let caring for your young children be easy and stress-free.


  • बच्चालाई समयअनुसार खानेकुरा खुवाउने
  • लुगा धोइदिने ,फेरिदिने र लुगाहरुको व्यपस्थापन गरिदिने ।
  • खाना खाजाको व्यपस्थापन गरिदिने ।
  • बच्चालाई नुहाइदिने र तेल लगाउने।
  • बच्चाको अन्य सर्सफाई गरिदिने ।
  • पढाउन र गृहकार्य गर्न सहयोग गर्ने ।
  • स्कुल पुराउने र ल्याउने।
  • बच्चाको कोठा सफा गर्ने
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उपलब्ध प्याकेजहरू

रू. 17,300/-
रू. 14,500/-
Baby Care
  • For 3 Months 20% Pre-Booking
  • For 6 Months 17% Pre-Booking
  • For 12 Months 12% Pre-Booking
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